I tried to spread Religion in Plague, Inc. and failed

What if I named the plague “Religion” in the game Plague Inc.? What happened next will certainly not blow your mind but I chuckled throughout the simulation because everything made perfect sense. This post depicts how things might have unfurled in today’s time if Religion was a newly spreading plague (or is it?).

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Love, please!

Admit it, there has been at least one time in your silly boring lives where someone made you smile without any reason, escalating all your actions out of proportions. Yes, it has happened to everyone, though some may deny. If dogs were humans, it would have happened to them too. The previous sentence didn’t make […]

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Dream On…

When we were 11-12 years old we had big dreams, the bold, daring and the imaginative ones. Some wanted to become a Rock Star, some wanted to become a great Football Player while some also wanted to become Superman. Our parents kept encouraging us on these dreams to a great extent. As we grew up, […]

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The Oxford Dictionary defines Sarcasm as “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt” (Yes, I open up the dictionary sometimes). One can express sarcasm in numerous ways. It can be through your tone, behaviour, expressions, comments or just the eyes. Sarcasm has always been an important part of my life. No matter what, when, or why, I gotta […]

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