I tried to spread Religion in Plague Inc. and it failed

I’m a big fan of the game Plague, Inc. I’ve spent several hours and a few sleepless nights playing, trying to raze off humans from the face of the earth in the game, but turns out I suck at being evil. After a series of wacky and cheesy plague names, I stumbled upon a pioneering shower thought. What if I named the plague “Religion”? What happened next will certainly not blow your mind but I chuckled throughout the simulation because everything made perfect sense. This post depicts how things might have unfurled in today’s time if Religion was a newly spreading plague (or is it?).

I didn’t name any religion because yours is the best.

The results are completely based on a simulation and does not resemble the state, religion or condition of any country.

And then I said, “Let there be light.”

The first human turns Religious.

More options to evolve Religion.

Religion has to evolve to be spread.

Love how it says that a Religious person will infect a healthy person.

Infecting people faster and faster.

Controlling the spread of Religion by evolving transmission traits, haha.

Religion mutated Internal Hemorrhaging by itself, funny.

“The harder humans will try to cure it”. Hopefully.

Preaching overtakes coughing.

Worrying, disease, severe, you name it.

Beginning of something terrible? Duh.

Cure for Religion? Yes, please.

This doesn’t work, apparently.

Because it infects the mind and not just your immunity.

This is terrible, but it gets worse.

Religion goes viral like a YouTube video.

The warnings have been ignored probably.

Because chicken soup can cure Common Cold, not Religion.

I hope not.

This global cure effort should be a real thing.

Worse than a pesky Flu, seriously.

Someday. *tear rolls down the cheek*

Countries begin to breakdown.

Vaccinate your babies, please!

Countries will shutdown gradually.

The saddest world map you will ever see.

And it’s over, healthy people have survived, but the loss is staggering.

Screenshot_2015-03-07-23-13-45I wish.

Love, please!

Admit it, there has been at least one time in your silly boring lives where someone made you smile without any reason, escalating all your actions out of proportions. Yes, it has happened to everyone, though some may deny. If dogs were humans, it would have happened to them too. The previous sentence didn’t make any sense at all, but the reason behind that fresh and fragrant smile, beaming on your face doesn’t as well. I bet researchers are actually studying on this psychological issue, where one can’t stop thinking about someone endlessly, because who gives a shit about prioritizing the cure for cancer, or building a time machine. This post is about love, in the real practical world.


Love, that has spawned billions of dollars around the world in the form of books, music, movies and TV shows. Love, that has many forms, the one which counts the number of sleepless nights you had for someone and also the one which counts the number of shoes you were gifted in a year. The same love which makes you do things that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing ever. Yes, that love.

There isn’t really a standard here, and that’s where the puny humans go wrong. Love isn’t done in a particular way, it’s always done in your way, which feels right. If you ever think that you are incapable of loving someone, probably might be because you don’t give a fuck, but never because you can’t. Love can be when you hand over your hoodie to her without a thought just because she’s cold, while you endure the cold breeze heading back home. Love can be when you save the last piece of chicken on your plate for her, where usually you never share food with anyone else. Love also can be when you stay up all night wide awake, so that you could wake her up in the morning.


True love and love aren’t different, they are just different levels brought in by female teenagers to brag among their friends. As mentioned earlier love doesn’t have a standard. You will be bombarded by your friends telling you how to identify whether you love someone. But those are just signs they caught on from movies and sitcoms. How you define love is something only you know, and when someone fulfills that definition, you eventually will fall for her.

Love will change you, into someone better, not because she demands it but only because you want her to have the best you can be. There is no winning in love, once you fall for someone without a motive it itself is a win. Some get to spend the rest of their lives with such a person, while some don’t. No one knows what the future holds, and doing what makes you happy now is the only thing that would matter in the end. You will come across many people who love you, but very few who put themselves after you, doing every possible thing to see you filled with happiness. You obviously have all the right to choose that person, which may not go well with the first one but eventually you will figure out what kind of a person you need. These bad experiences will break you and leave you emotionally unavailable, making you avoid catching feelings for anyone else. But you should know that there might be someone who would want to give you the love that you deserved. Being vulnerable is a weakness, and this vulnerability can only be cemented with what you didn’t get, love. It then comes to the one you choose to receive it from.


People might say that they aren’t ready for love, but this is absurd. Obviously if someone else has fallen for you, doesn’t mean that you would too. You are always ready for love, but may not be ready to share and nurture that love with the other person, which is popularly known as having a relationship. Some people like Snape are so good that they don’t really care whether they get to be with you. All they know is that they love you and you cannot influence the amount of love they have for you. They will keep loving you, after all this time, always (see what I did there). When you fall for someone, you will have that sense of gratitude where you feel privileged of loving that person. But sometimes, you will see love going away, but that won’t make it go forever, you should always be prepared to welcome it back, with a warm gesture.

We all are animals, and by instinct we will always choose the best mate. The signs and gestures may go wrong, but instincts are something which has been passed on through evolution in our genes, and this can never go wrong. So, head out, not looking for that person, but to be available to fall in love and stop watching Twilight, please.

To wear or not to wear, isn’t the question!

In school, we loved our uniforms and made sure they were dirty enough for a loud scolding from our moms when we got back home every day. Growing up watching Bollywood movies, where the college students donned clothes in vogue, kept the burn alive in the school going kids that one day they would also wear those clothes once they were out of here. And finally when they came to college they were given a huge setback when they found out that they had to carry a uniform during their graduation too.

Students plainly agree that a uniform defines a purpose and brings uniformity among them, but for how long would they have to bear a uniform when they have come to an age to get humiliated by their friends as they experiment different kinds of clothing, going gaga and trending all over MTV. Some students who come from families who thought giving a tight slap to their kids is a bad parenting technique, are usually the ones who create the great divide among themselves based on brand wars, but this inequality has almost gone away. Now friends are made based on how cool you are and not whether you would choose Nike over Adidas or Hidesign over Baggit. This post goes out to the students from colleges which think that maintaining a uniform or a dress code is one way of improving their quality of education and acquiring a rank among top colleges.

The uniform may sound terrible, but a dress code is actually worse. A dress code consists of a restricted variety of clothing where guys need to avoid low waist jeans and t-shirts with derogatory messages like Being Gandu and where girls need to cover up themselves and look more Indian. It would be useless to think about the reason why the college could have thought of implementing such a rule.

*insert cheesy Alok Nath joke here*

If this is adopted, the handshakes, hugs and high fives would soon be replaced by only a Namaste whenever a guy meets a girl (dream come true for old-fashioned trustees of college). The basic reason to hate such an evil is that the students have to buy new clothes just to wear different ones at college, which sounds simply unnecessary. Students would rather have a uniform than the dress code, since then they wouldn’t need to waste time on deciding what to wear every single day, which would be a complete nightmare for the ladies. Some say that the kind of clothes that come under the dress code could only be worn at college and nowhere else, which would mean buying more clothes for Saturday Nights. The students came to an agreement among them that they won’t be following the dress code, hoping nothing bad would happen but the sneaky college was ready with a pointless penalty to the ones not following the dress code. They went totally Nazi when they notified that parents would be informed on such a petty issue of their children not wearing the kind of clothes the college wants them to wear.

The college might have been of the notion that they had school kids studying in their deemed institution. The college students already have a difficult life with so many useless assignments to write, endless journals to fill, chapters to finish studying, projects to implement, winning elections, figuring out whether they chose the right degree, telling the girl they love how they feel and many more. Some nerds out there think that following a proper dress code would prepare them for the life they would have in the professional world after college. But the college kids with swag disregard the part, where they think that preparing to wear a kind of clothing is not an absolute necessity.

The important subject here isn’t why we need a dress code or a uniform in college. It isn’t about who or what was the reason for this rule being introduced. It is also not about them liking or disliking the rule. The prime question is whether this form of practice is actually the need of the hour? The colleges already may have other important issues like improving their curriculum, giving students more opportunities in projects and research, creating entrepreneurs, preparing them for placements, developing the infrastructure, recruiting expert faculty, placing more dustbins in the campus and providing better wifi. Most of the colleges are only preparing their students for a job and nothing further. So, rather than stressing so much on such minor disputes, students think that the colleges should stop trying to implement such a convention on uniforms and dress codes and rather, they should focus on improving the level and excellence of students that pass out from the college.

Dress code

Dream On…

When we were 11-12 years old we had big dreams, the bold, daring and the imaginative ones. Some wanted to become a Rock Star, some wanted to become a great Football Player while some also wanted to become Superman. Our parents kept encouraging us on these dreams to a great extent. As we grew up, at around 18-20 years of age, our dreams became more realistic. We dreamed of becoming scientists, or astronauts or actors or singers. Parents taught us things about life but limited it to only their experiences, gave us a brief idea about the society around us and the protocol one has to follow to fit in. Our parents told us about the practical things in life which we have to follow in order to dwell in with the people around us.

When we reached high school, we were made to decide what we wanted to do in life. We didn’t willingly do it, but we accepted it. The parents wouldn’t directly say that the dreams we had when we were small were impossible, they would say that those dreams need a lot of hard work and will take a lot of time. If you read closely, the parents aren’t spoiling or ruining your dreams. They are just suggesting you to play safe, not to take any risks, because they won’t be able to see their child fail in any field of their life.

There are many people who have given up on their dreams. I have personally met people who have actually forgotten what they had dreamed of when they were kids. People tend to give up on their dreams as they grow older. You yourself can analyse that. If you talk to a kid who is 15 years old, you will find that they would want to have a great car when they grow up, a big house, a great job, a beautiful spouse and be successful. When you get your first job, though it’s not your dream job, you say you would do it for now. Now you find another job which isn’t again your dream job but a little more money than the previous one. Then along the way you meet someone and decide to settle down and suddenly there are two babies. Now your lives revolve around diapers, braces, or baby-sitters. Worrying about a better future for your family, you take another job that pays a few more thousand in a year. And all of a sudden you realize that you are 40 years old. You forgot all about your dreams. You would settle with a small house, you would settle with a normal car, and you would settle with a normal job and you would finally settle for a life with quiet desperation, where you could be living a life full of joy, challenge, growth and venture, but no, just because you gave up on your dreams.

No matter how miserable your life is, no matter how big the problems in your life are, you should never stop dreaming. Dreams aren’t the ones that you see when you’re asleep; dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. You must have heard about ‘simple living and high thinking’ many times. If you turn it around, then you get ‘high thinking and a great living’. If you’re living a simple life and only thinking high, it’s useless. You aren’t making a difference that way. But if you think high initially, you would want that vision and accordingly work for it. And as your thinking improves, that dream would become a need and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving it. The simplest first step to success is to have a vision about it and a clear one. To dream about what you actually want. You should understand that our mind is very powerful, and one can imagine anything to any extent.


Finally, I would say that never give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming about that dream car even if you’re riding a bike, keep dreaming about that dream home even if you’re living in a mediocre apartment, keep dreaming about the dream job you had even if you have an unsatisfying job. Just keep the processes going on and one day, doesn’t matter how long, you will get those dreams.

Ads! They Track You Better Than Your Wife!

So you log into Facebook, wishing that your high school crush has liked your profile picture or hoping your current crush has accepted your friend request, and I know that never happens (sometimes miracles do occur). You have your timeline or news feed in the center filled with only memes and washroom pictures of girls, on your left, all your other links and pages you’ve liked and groups you have joined (or someone made you join them like a shameless fool). And on your right you have all the things that are ugly. The first being all the app and game requests, then the People You May Know section (the ugliest one) and finally, ADVERTISEMENTS!

You might have all sorts of ads displayed there, right from books to music to ladies purses and what not. And why these specific ads? Because some crazy friend  of yours accidentally had liked a certain page and now ruined a part of your home page. Well this were the initial days where Facebook kept hitting you with ads that made no sense to you (I guess that’s why Google did better naming it AdSense). After an update, Facebook now throws out ads that may seem familiar to you, Why? Let me give you a little secret, and it’s a secret only to you, because the smart people already know this (Me telling you about it makes me smart already). This deserves another paragraph.

FACEBOOK TRACKS YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITY! So, whenever you’re logged into Facebook, they track all your data, which websites you visit, which blogs you’re reading, whether you’re watching another Harlem Shake video, or looking for a pair of shoes, they track it all. If you don’t believe me, I’ll be hurt but do read this. Husbands reading this would relate to this and say this is what their wives do too! So, next time you’re logged into Facebook, don’t click the ‘Open A New Tab’. And the dudes who chat on Facebook while browsing Porn, they are watching!

Your Life Depends On The People You Meet

Everyday you may meet new people or none at all. But you surely meet the ones you are close to in distance and in relationships. The more people you meet the more you get acquainted with the level of stupidity that shadows this world. But you also meet people with whom you’re ready to talk about anything because you share a commonness among yourselves.

You will come across all sorts of people who will come into your lives and change everything about you. What you need to be is stronger than that. People will try to take over your life and make you do things that they think is right. Admit it, that is a human instinct even if you have control over it. Do not let anybody stick a finger to your face and tell you that you’re wrong. If you’re wrong, you’ll eventually know.

You will find very few people around you who actually care about you and among them, not all know what is right for you or what is your perception. They will present you their own mindset and emotionally blackmail you saying that they care about you. Appreciate all the care you get because that is rare but the decisions you make should only be consulted and not obeyed. And the decisions you make should totally be made without even a single drop of emotion since you would only be able to differentiate between good and bad. Emotions will never help you in choosing the right or the wrong thing.

Don’t let people influence you to live the life they want you to. After all you’re a stubborn asshole whose gut is the captain and the brain is the pilot. Hopefully the title made sense here. Spread the love.


The Oxford Dictionary defines Sarcasm as “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt” (Yes, I open up the dictionary sometimes). One can express sarcasm in numerous ways. It can be through your tone, behaviour, expressions, comments or just the eyes. Sarcasm has always been an important part of my life. No matter what, when, or why, I gotta be sarcastic. I agree it does annoy the hell out of a few people but at the end they accept defeat and laugh it away. There are a few people who don’t actually understand when one is being sarcastic and also people who can’t be sarcastic at all, such people need meds and deserve reservation for being stupid. Sarcasm creates humour which is very important if only you want a happy life.


I believe that only through humour one can stay positive and motivated the whole day. And I don’t think there is any other easier way than being sarcastic to bring in some humour. Look at me, I insult and humiliate people in a funny way all day and find no time to be sad and gloomy. If you are tired of something happening everyday again and again, then add in a pinch of sarcasm and see how things develop.

Sarcasm can also be used when you are angry or pissed with someone, ready to pull their hair off. It’s really fun. I call it Anger in Disguise. Imagine being sarcastic and the other guy has no clue what you’re talking about and wait for him or her to turn all red with anger. But do mind not to try this stunt against people who could crush you and hand you a couple of broken teeth.

So, go ahead and join the Sarcastic Side since the Force flows pretty strong here.