Ads! They Track You Better Than Your Wife!

So you log into Facebook, wishing that your high school crush has liked your profile picture or hoping your current crush has accepted your friend request, and I know that never happens (sometimes miracles do occur). You have your timeline or news feed in the center filled with only memes and washroom pictures of girls, on your left, all your other links and pages you’ve liked and groups you have joined (or someone made you join them like a shameless fool). And on your right you have all the things that are ugly. The first being all the app and game requests, then the People You May Know section (the ugliest one) and finally, ADVERTISEMENTS!

You might have all sorts of ads displayed there, right from books to music to ladies purses and what not. And why these specific ads? Because some crazy friend  of yours accidentally had liked a certain page and now ruined a part of your home page. Well this were the initial days where Facebook kept hitting you with ads that made no sense to you (I guess that’s why Google did better naming it AdSense). After an update, Facebook now throws out ads that may seem familiar to you, Why? Let me give you a little secret, and it’s a secret only to you, because the smart people already know this (Me telling you about it makes me smart already). This deserves another paragraph.

FACEBOOK TRACKS YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITY! So, whenever you’re logged into Facebook, they track all your data, which websites you visit, which blogs you’re reading, whether you’re watching another Harlem Shake video, or looking for a pair of shoes, they track it all. If you don’t believe me, I’ll be hurt but do read this. Husbands reading this would relate to this and say this is what their wives do too! So, next time you’re logged into Facebook, don’t click the ‘Open A New Tab’. And the dudes who chat on Facebook while browsing Porn, they are watching!


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