Dream On…

When we were 11-12 years old we had big dreams, the bold, daring and the imaginative ones. Some wanted to become a Rock Star, some wanted to become a great Football Player while some also wanted to become Superman. Our parents kept encouraging us on these dreams to a great extent. As we grew up, at around 18-20 years of age, our dreams became more realistic. We dreamed of becoming scientists, or astronauts or actors or singers. Parents taught us things about life but limited it to only their experiences, gave us a brief idea about the society around us and the protocol one has to follow to fit in. Our parents told us about the practical things in life which we have to follow in order to dwell in with the people around us.

When we reached high school, we were made to decide what we wanted to do in life. We didn’t willingly do it, but we accepted it. The parents wouldn’t directly say that the dreams we had when we were small were impossible, they would say that those dreams need a lot of hard work and will take a lot of time. If you read closely, the parents aren’t spoiling or ruining your dreams. They are just suggesting you to play safe, not to take any risks, because they won’t be able to see their child fail in any field of their life.

There are many people who have given up on their dreams. I have personally met people who have actually forgotten what they had dreamed of when they were kids. People tend to give up on their dreams as they grow older. You yourself can analyse that. If you talk to a kid who is 15 years old, you will find that they would want to have a great car when they grow up, a big house, a great job, a beautiful spouse and be successful. When you get your first job, though it’s not your dream job, you say you would do it for now. Now you find another job which isn’t again your dream job but a little more money than the previous one. Then along the way you meet someone and decide to settle down and suddenly there are two babies. Now your lives revolve around diapers, braces, or baby-sitters. Worrying about a better future for your family, you take another job that pays a few more thousand in a year. And all of a sudden you realize that you are 40 years old. You forgot all about your dreams. You would settle with a small house, you would settle with a normal car, and you would settle with a normal job and you would finally settle for a life with quiet desperation, where you could be living a life full of joy, challenge, growth and venture, but no, just because you gave up on your dreams.

No matter how miserable your life is, no matter how big the problems in your life are, you should never stop dreaming. Dreams aren’t the ones that you see when you’re asleep; dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. You must have heard about ‘simple living and high thinking’ many times. If you turn it around, then you get ‘high thinking and a great living’. If you’re living a simple life and only thinking high, it’s useless. You aren’t making a difference that way. But if you think high initially, you would want that vision and accordingly work for it. And as your thinking improves, that dream would become a need and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving it. The simplest first step to success is to have a vision about it and a clear one. To dream about what you actually want. You should understand that our mind is very powerful, and one can imagine anything to any extent.


Finally, I would say that never give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming about that dream car even if you’re riding a bike, keep dreaming about that dream home even if you’re living in a mediocre apartment, keep dreaming about the dream job you had even if you have an unsatisfying job. Just keep the processes going on and one day, doesn’t matter how long, you will get those dreams.


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