Love, please!

Admit it, there has been at least one time in your silly boring lives where someone made you smile without any reason, escalating all your actions out of proportions. Yes, it has happened to everyone, though some may deny. If dogs were humans, it would have happened to them too. The previous sentence didn’t make any sense at all, but the reason behind that fresh and fragrant smile, beaming on your face doesn’t as well. I bet researchers are actually studying on this psychological issue, where one can’t stop thinking about someone endlessly, because who gives a shit about prioritizing the cure for cancer, or building a time machine. This post is about love, in the real practical world.


Love, that has spawned billions of dollars around the world in the form of books, music, movies and TV shows. Love, that has many forms, the one which counts the number of sleepless nights you had for someone and also the one which counts the number of shoes you were gifted in a year. The same love which makes you do things that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing ever. Yes, that love.

There isn’t really a standard here, and that’s where the puny humans go wrong. Love isn’t done in a particular way, it’s always done in your way, which feels right. If you ever think that you are incapable of loving someone, probably might be because you don’t give a fuck, but never because you can’t. Love can be when you hand over your hoodie to her without a thought just because she’s cold, while you endure the cold breeze heading back home. Love can be when you save the last piece of chicken on your plate for her, where usually you never share food with anyone else. Love also can be when you stay up all night wide awake, so that you could wake her up in the morning.


True love and love aren’t different, they are just different levels brought in by female teenagers to brag among their friends. As mentioned earlier love doesn’t have a standard. You will be bombarded by your friends telling you how to identify whether you love someone. But those are just signs they caught on from movies and sitcoms. How you define love is something only you know, and when someone fulfills that definition, you eventually will fall for her.

Love will change you, into someone better, not because she demands it but only because you want her to have the best you can be. There is no winning in love, once you fall for someone without a motive it itself is a win. Some get to spend the rest of their lives with such a person, while some don’t. No one knows what the future holds, and doing what makes you happy now is the only thing that would matter in the end. You will come across many people who love you, but very few who put themselves after you, doing every possible thing to see you filled with happiness. You obviously have all the right to choose that person, which may not go well with the first one but eventually you will figure out what kind of a person you need. These bad experiences will break you and leave you emotionally unavailable, making you avoid catching feelings for anyone else. But you should know that there might be someone who would want to give you the love that you deserved. Being vulnerable is a weakness, and this vulnerability can only be cemented with what you didn’t get, love. It then comes to the one you choose to receive it from.


People might say that they aren’t ready for love, but this is absurd. Obviously if someone else has fallen for you, doesn’t mean that you would too. You are always ready for love, but may not be ready to share and nurture that love with the other person, which is popularly known as having a relationship. Some people like Snape are so good that they don’t really care whether they get to be with you. All they know is that they love you and you cannot influence the amount of love they have for you. They will keep loving you, after all this time, always (see what I did there). When you fall for someone, you will have that sense of gratitude where you feel privileged of loving that person. But sometimes, you will see love going away, but that won’t make it go forever, you should always be prepared to welcome it back, with a warm gesture.

We all are animals, and by instinct we will always choose the best mate. The signs and gestures may go wrong, but instincts are something which has been passed on through evolution in our genes, and this can never go wrong. So, head out, not looking for that person, but to be available to fall in love and stop watching Twilight, please.


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