To wear or not to wear, isn’t the question!

In school, we loved our uniforms and made sure they were dirty enough for a loud scolding from our moms when we got back home every day. Growing up watching Bollywood movies, where the college students donned clothes in vogue, kept the burn alive in the school going kids that one day they would also wear those clothes once they were out of here. And finally when they came to college they were given a huge setback when they found out that they had to carry a uniform during their graduation too.

Students plainly agree that a uniform defines a purpose and brings uniformity among them, but for how long would they have to bear a uniform when they have come to an age to get humiliated by their friends as they experiment different kinds of clothing, going gaga and trending all over MTV. Some students who come from families who thought giving a tight slap to their kids is a bad parenting technique, are usually the ones who create the great divide among themselves based on brand wars, but this inequality has almost gone away. Now friends are made based on how cool you are and not whether you would choose Nike over Adidas or Hidesign over Baggit. This post goes out to the students from colleges which think that maintaining a uniform or a dress code is one way of improving their quality of education and acquiring a rank among top colleges.

The uniform may sound terrible, but a dress code is actually worse. A dress code consists of a restricted variety of clothing where guys need to avoid low waist jeans and t-shirts with derogatory messages like Being Gandu and where girls need to cover up themselves and look more Indian. It would be useless to think about the reason why the college could have thought of implementing such a rule.

*insert cheesy Alok Nath joke here*

If this is adopted, the handshakes, hugs and high fives would soon be replaced by only a Namaste whenever a guy meets a girl (dream come true for old-fashioned trustees of college). The basic reason to hate such an evil is that the students have to buy new clothes just to wear different ones at college, which sounds simply unnecessary. Students would rather have a uniform than the dress code, since then they wouldn’t need to waste time on deciding what to wear every single day, which would be a complete nightmare for the ladies. Some say that the kind of clothes that come under the dress code could only be worn at college and nowhere else, which would mean buying more clothes for Saturday Nights. The students came to an agreement among them that they won’t be following the dress code, hoping nothing bad would happen but the sneaky college was ready with a pointless penalty to the ones not following the dress code. They went totally Nazi when they notified that parents would be informed on such a petty issue of their children not wearing the kind of clothes the college wants them to wear.

The college might have been of the notion that they had school kids studying in their deemed institution. The college students already have a difficult life with so many useless assignments to write, endless journals to fill, chapters to finish studying, projects to implement, winning elections, figuring out whether they chose the right degree, telling the girl they love how they feel and many more. Some nerds out there think that following a proper dress code would prepare them for the life they would have in the professional world after college. But the college kids with swag disregard the part, where they think that preparing to wear a kind of clothing is not an absolute necessity.

The important subject here isn’t why we need a dress code or a uniform in college. It isn’t about who or what was the reason for this rule being introduced. It is also not about them liking or disliking the rule. The prime question is whether this form of practice is actually the need of the hour? The colleges already may have other important issues like improving their curriculum, giving students more opportunities in projects and research, creating entrepreneurs, preparing them for placements, developing the infrastructure, recruiting expert faculty, placing more dustbins in the campus and providing better wifi. Most of the colleges are only preparing their students for a job and nothing further. So, rather than stressing so much on such minor disputes, students think that the colleges should stop trying to implement such a convention on uniforms and dress codes and rather, they should focus on improving the level and excellence of students that pass out from the college.

Dress code


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