Don’t let anyone influence your life

Everyday you might meet new people but you will surely meet the ones who are close to you. The more people you meet the more you realise the level of stupidity that shadows this world. But you also meet people with whom you’re ready to talk your heart out just because you share a commonness between yourselves.

You will come across all sorts of people who will come into your lives and induce a change in you. What you need to be is stronger than that. People will try to take over your life and make you do things that they think is right. This is a human instinct even if you have control over it. Do not let anybody stick a finger to your face and tell you that you’re wrong. If you’re wrong, you’ll eventually know.

You will find very few people around you who actually care about you and among them, not all know what is right for you or what is your perception. They will present you their own mindset and deceptively say that they care about you. Appreciate all the care you get because that is rare but the decisions you make should only be consulted and not obeyed. The decisions you make should totally be made without even a single hint of emotion since you would only be able to differentiate between good and bad. Emotions will never help you in choosing the right or wrong.

Don’t let people influence you to live the life they want you to. After all you’re a stubborn asshole whose gut is the captain and brain is the pilot. Spread the love.


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