I tried to spread Religion in Plague, Inc. and failed

I’m a big fan of the game Plague, Inc. I’ve spent several hours and a few sleepless nights in the game, trying to raze off humans from the face of the earth but turns out I suck at being evil. After a series of lame and cheesy plague names, a pioneering shower-thought struck me. What if I named the plague “Religion”? What happened next will certainly not blow your mind but might make you chuckle since the entire simulation fell into the right places and made perfect sense. This post depicts how things might have unfurled in today’s time if Religion originated and began spreading in the form of a new disease.


I didn’t name any religion because yours is the best. The results are completely based on a simulation and does not resemble the state, religion or condition of any country.


And then I said, “Let there be light.”


The first person turns to Religion.


Religious people start proselytising others.


Through fear, it’s no wonder that it has already infected thousands.


The first atheist/free thinker denying Religion loses his/her life.


As the number of rational thinkers go up, the death toll rises simultaneously.




It’s finally over, free thinkers have survived but the loss is staggering.

I wish.


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