About this guy

I love coffee, have a huge crush on technology, like to indulge into wordplay, reading a book or two, watching movies and TV shows, clicking on the Random button on Reddit through the night, playing games on my desktop sometimes and learning something new everyday. A hardcore Star Wars fan who aspires to be Han Solo some day.

I can be very sarcastic at times, usually finding pleasure in humiliating gullible and stupid people. A huge foodie who can keep eating chicken all day. I have a mysterious affection for writing on random articles, abusing and offending the subjects in them. So, if I end up offending you, deal with it and stop reading my blog. Love to participate in arguments and being a dick to the other person. I have no love for cricket, so people hate me, also they hate me anyways. Highly practical and logical, that implies I’m rude mostly.

Send hate speech to abhijit.dey92@gmail.com


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